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We reimagined physical therapy...

At Catalyst Performance & Recovery, we got creative and combined human performance and active recovery under one roof. We joined forces with WiscoFit and Ripple Effect Fitness to reimagine the traditional physical therapy model.

Our gym environment provides an effective space for all of our patients to be challenged and pursue recovery across a range of equipment. We serve athletes with backgrounds in baseball, football, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, dance and even Olympic athletic backgrounds. We guide weekend warriors to meet their goals. We are a community of fitness professionals dedicated to restoring and enhancing athleticism in all people.

Our Approach

When You Choose Catalyst, You're Choosing Patient-Centric Physical Therapists Who Prioritize Accessibility and Innovation to Meet Your Rehabilitative Needs.

At Catalyst Performance & Recovery, our aim is to bring you forward from where you are now to a maximal state of mobility, helping you to progress to new levels of achievement through a course of treatment that is challenging, yet attainable, and specifically tailored to help you meet your goals.  This patient-centric approach is what makes us the best conservative care center in the area, proudly established in 2014.

We value integrity, trust, knowledge, direct access, and innovation in our application of rehabilitative treatment.  We have confidence that through our process of developing a professional relationship with youunderstanding your therapeutic needs, and discussing options for your goals, we will be able to provide you with a course of treatment best suited for your long-term health and mobility.


Physical Therapy. Simplified.

An integral part of our treatment is reprogramming and ingraining proper motor patterns, which means not only getting you out of pain but preventing that same injury from happening again. Whether you are a runner, a weight lifter, a stay-at-home mother, or a 9-to-5 desk worker, all can benefit from a personalized rehabilitation treatment.  

Highly Qualified Physical Therapists

Our physical therapists are highly qualified in their fields and range of experience. Each has individual strengths in select specialties, including professional athlete recovery, post-operative recovery and rehabilitation, aging adults, and much more.

One-On-One Care

What patients truly need in physical therapy is continuity of care.  Our clinic is dedicated to one-on-one, patient-centric care.  Your physical therapist will lead you from start to finish through the entire treatment plan.

There's no guesswork about who you'll receive treatment from on a given day. There's no wondering if the care you receive on one day is as good as it was the last.  There's no worrying if the person you meet with next week knows what was done or prescribed the prior week.

Because the same physical therapist follows your treatment from start to finish, you'll walk away with all of your questions answered, reassured that your care is in the excellent hands of a single provider.

Innovative Therapy Equipment and Approach

Because our clinic is under the same roof as WiscoFit and Ripple Effect Fitness, we are able to take advantage of using equipment and training tools in innovative ways to challenge your body to recover in ways that impact you personally. 

Whether you need to have restored function to garden, pick up and play with grandchildren, get back on the playing field, train for a premier athletic competition, or any other bodily movement, we are confident we can provide you with appropriate equipment and treatment practices to guide you toward maximum mobility.

Billing Transparency

We recognized that insurance plans were becoming a hindrance to providing our patients with the rigorous treatment they desired and needed. At our practice, there are no hidden fees, no deductibles, and no waiting on insurance to approve the treatment you deserve.  You will find our billing practices transparent and straightforward.

Our Physiotherapy and Rehab Care Plans Provide Many Benefits; Some Include:

  • Stronger bones, muscles, and joints
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Reduced risk of illness
  • Weight and sleep management 
  • Better mobility and movement
  • Proactive and preventative care
  • Reduced swelling and inflammation
  • More flexibility
  • Better balance
  • Corrects posture 
  • Corrects movement patterns

Invasive Treatments Are Not Always the Answer

If you’re looking to naturally, quickly, and safely get healthy and back to your life, our functional rehab and active care solutions will provide it. Our team is hands-on and eager to help you achieve your goals and get your body performing at its optimal state. We’ll support your needs and determine a plan using reliable, trusted techniques.

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