Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions That Our Team Has Taken The Time To Answer For You

What should I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit, you will receive a comprehensive physical exam that will evaluate joint motion, muscle tension, and muscle function; additionally, gait analysis or other dynamic tests may be required. Some patients will require additional X-ray examination or an MRI, especially if an injury is suspected or if the doctor needs to rule out a specific concern. If your doctor feels that imaging is necessary, tests will be ordered and results provided within 24-48 hours.

How long is a typical visit for Chiropractic or Physical Therapy?

The initial visit, depending on the severity and complexity of the injury, will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. During this visit the practitioner will perform a history, a physical exam, provide a diagnosis and recommendations for treatment, as well as perform the first treatment (if advisable). Visits after this point are usually 15-30 minutes in length, again depending on the severity and complexity of the case.

What can I do on my own to speed up recovery?

Where appropriate, our providers will prescribe rehabilitative exercises specific to your injury or condition. By adhering to the exercises as well as the treatment plan, you will accelerate the healing process. Frequently, patients will complain of tenderness in the areas that were addressed during treatment. This is a common finding because we are changing the muscles' texture and tone, which can sometimes create a slight inflammatory reaction.   We commonly tell patients that healthy muscles don't hurt to work on.

Is the treatment painful?

Our main goal when providing treatment is to remove the source of the pain. In order to do that, we must treat the primary cause of pain. Because we are directly targeting the painful tissue or joint, pressure applied to the area can be uncomfortable, but we do our best to cater to our patient's tolerance level. A description we often hear is that “it hurts so good,” which is accurate, because by targeting the area it produces some discomfort, but you can tell that it is doing your body good. Patients are so pleased with the outcome that these brief moments of discomfort are well worth it.

How long before I start to feel better?

The majority of patients report improvement after the first visit, while for others it might take 2-3 treatments before improvement is noted. The response is varied depending on several factors, including the patient's overall level of health, exercise history, pain tolerance, and other individual characteristics. Most patients will experience full recovery after approximately 6-8 visits, but the length of treatment is dependent on many factors such as the severity, complexity, and time frame of the injury, and the patient’s adherence to the treatment and exercise recommendations.

Do I have to be a member of WiscoFit to be treated at Catalyst Performance & Recovery?

No, we are open to the public and there is a separate entrance for patients to enter. Our New Berlin and Wauwatosa location is a hybrid office, so it will have a "gym" vibe. If you decide this is not a best fit for you, we welcome you to visit one of our other locations.

What is maintenance care?

Many patients find periodic follow-up visits particularly helpful so that Catalyst Wellness providers may monitor their body’s performance. Just as patients visit their dentist periodically to avoid major problems, many of our patients return to ensure that small problems are corrected easily before they become more complex issues. However, you will never be required or pressured to receive maintenance care.

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